Turn back while you still can.

6th December 2011

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-Moron named Billie thinks he is the co-teacher, and won’t shut the hell up.

-They told us to write little stories about the good times, to make us feel better. Of course, this could also remind us how bad things are. Good call, I think.

-We are supposed to identify our skills. Mine include ignoring the teacher.

-“Mr. Helper” has a story for everything, and won’t shut-up!! He must be stopped!!!

-We are supposed to be okay bragging about our skills. To who? Other unemployed people?

-A fat woman loves “How I Met Your Mother,” and believes she could write for it. Yeah, good luck with that.

-Why do all the people who work in the unemployment office look like they wish they were dead? They have jobs. They should be happy.

-I hate Eric Johnson. I hope something heavy falls on him.

-Awesome. There is a happy unemployed person, here. She sees it as a challenge. I hope she gets hit by a truck.

-All of us are ugly. Are only ugly people unemployed?

-They said we should be creative to find a job. “Mr.Helper” suggested sending flowers. Good idea. Men love getting flowers from other men.

-It’s hot in here, and it smells of failure.

-If they passes out “Death Pills,” I wonder how many of us would take them. I would, just to get out of this room.

-I think the lead singer from Smash Mouth is in here. I thought they were doing well?

-They told us the Internet was not a good way to find a job. Then, a few minutes later, they told us we could come in and use their computers to find a job…..Wait….What?

-They encouraged us to learn a different language, “even sign language.” GREAT!!! I saw an ad for a radio station for deaf people, just this morning!!!

-“Mr. Helper” keeps giving advice. If he knows so much, why is he unemployed??

-I get to go back on the 16th. YAY ME!!!!

— Casey Bartholomew, via FaceBook

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